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Sir Bailey of Judah
Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 21, 2012
I miss him like a piece of my right arm is gone....he was a hero.
Bailey was our prima Search and Rescue dog.  He had over 150 searches under his belt and
many finds.  We are so grateful for his dedication and work ethic in finding lost or missing persons both on land and under
water.  His services were requested by law enforcement agencies in several states.  We are very proud of Bailey and his accomplishments and miss him dearly.





January 22, 2011

Dear BSAR and honored guests,

It is with pride and humility that I tender my official retirement with the Brunswick Search and Rescue Team and the law enforcement agencies in North and South Carolina. 
I would like to thank all of my team members, but especially Poppa Herman, and my handler, Christy Judah for the thousands of hours they have put forth in training me. 
 I have updated my resume and, perhaps, a fellow team member will read it for you today.
It has been my pleasure and honor to serve our community and state, however, it is now time for me to relax a bit and put away my bell and search collar.   
I know I was not the most social member but rest assured I was protecting each of you along the way.  
 I remember each and every one of my 100 plus searches all acorss the Carolina’s and wish each of you the best for all those future searches. 
 I am looking forward to my new role as the chief protector and companion dog, but especially as the new couch warmer. 
Thank you to each of you on BSAR and in the law enforcement community for allowing me to be a part of your searches as we looked for lost or missing persons. 
Together we have found and recovered many individuals so they might rejoin their loved ones, if even just for the final goodbyes. 
 As of today, I am officially turning over my role as a BSAR search and rescue dog to my compatriot, Gypsy,and my daughter, Lauren, to carry on for me.  They will do a fine job serving our community. 
 Best of luck to all the K9s, handlers, and search crew…your efforts, time and energies are critical to the future of our team.  I remain yours in my heart,





K9 Bailey works a Tornado Rubble Pile in
Columbus County, NC
Bailey is a one-of-a-kind.....
an awesome representative of the English Springer Spaniel. 
His drive, intelligence, willingness to please, and demonstration of his search and rescue skills have
made us so proud throughout the years. 
He is retired in search and rescue
but still a member of the Brunswick Search and Rescue Team. 

If you want to learn more about our search and rescue activities, visit our team web site at:  www.brunswicksar.org








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