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JUST CHECKING IN...we just love, love it when our Carolina Kennels dogs check back in with us after going to their new forever homes. 

We are proud, proud grandparents...thanks for Just Checking In...hope you enjoy the latest collection!

 September 2013: 
                                                              Abby relaxes all summer.                                           Benne still goes to work with his dad.                               Birdie graduated with honors from obedience class.                                    Callie and Ellie relax in the air conditioning!
  Calypso Checking in and showing off those gorgeous ears!!             Izzy and Andy relax on a beautiful lawn!                                  Jasper doesn't look quite as excited as his mom's note....  grin....                                                       Penny models her new bandana.
 William proves it is not impossible for a springer and a cat to get along....but sure looks like the cat might be in charge...
June 10, 2013:  Carolina's Just in the Nick of Time is checking in from a FEMA TAST Force....thanks, Aleta Eldridge for checking in and sharing Nicholas with us!! 
Nick is a Bailey boy!!!!  And so the spitting image!!!
May 2013:  Josee Bivens is training in agility!!  This is an excellent activity for springers and they just love it.  You can also make many of these items at home with PVC pipe and a hand saw!  You are only limited by your imagination....Great job, Josee!!  Southport, NC
Josee Bivens, Southport, NC
                                                              Birdie Bachman                                                      Abby Terrell  Modeling                                                                       Angel... aka Rebel and friend, Molly Holmberg                                                                                           Benne Lucas doing Laundry
Benne Lucas enjoying the tulips!                                                   Cammie II Parsch                                                                   Rainey and Blue                                                                                                                                        Harmony  & Rebel                                                    Josie Bivins
Templeton                                                     Mamie Peebles                                                          Annie Luoni                                            Radar/Jasper Jasnoch                                   Scout White                                                              Zelda Benzing and Friend
Sunflower Coltrain                                                                  Terrell Family with Grace and Lauren


Abide Unevenness

True Beauty has No Symmetry

Abide Unevenness BenneGet Pawsitive  at The Joyful  Springer   - Andrea Rains Waggener
Benne - The Lucas Family
Author H.P. Lovecraft wrote, “Creative minds are uneven, and the best of fabrics have their dull spots.” 
Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggenerauthor, writes..... 
Joyful Springers abide unevenness. They have no need to be smooth and orderly; they embrace every askew bit of themselves and their lives.True beauty has no symmetry. Life isn’t neat and tidy, and neither are the most interesting things in it. Remind yourself of this the next time you start feeling bad about some perceived flaw or blemish or failure. Your true value is in your perfect unevenness. 
[Meet Benne. This adorable fellow is Nancy Lucas's new puppy! His sweet and beautifully, perfectly uneven facial markings inspired this post. Born October 10 last year, Benne joined the Lucas family in South Carolina after the holidays. The inspiration for his full name, Benne Wafer, comes from a type of Southern cookie, made from sesame seeds and brought to America by Africans. I think Benne's name is just right, since he's clearly as sweet as a cookie. icon smile Abide Unevenness Nancy lost her beloved Scout last fall. Even as she and her family grieved, they knew they wanted a Springer to carry on Scout's legacy. So one of our wonderful Joyful Springers (a human one icon wink Abide Unevenness ), Beth Griffin, helped Nancy locate a breeder in North Carolina, and Benne was discovered! You may remember that Scout is the star of Nancy's wonderful Springer Spaniel Mysteries. Judging from the eager look in little Benne's eyes, he is soon going to be ready to star in his own adventures (perhaps with Scout whispering some guidance from the spirit world). Thank you, Benne, for being a Guest Star on The Joyful Springer!]
Posted February 9, 2013
Zelda - The Benzing Family


First of all, let me say that we have a very happy and healthy (not-so-little) puppy! She's absolutely wonderful. I wanted to write and give you an update as to how she's progressing.
I have a web album of photos that we've been taking of her. Please click the link below:
She's basically been growing straight up since we got her. She's growing like a weed! (Here's a photo of her waiting until I release her to fetch: https://picasaweb.google.com/ItstheZing/Zelda#5842946961819331282 ) We have been very fortunate with her. By the third night, she was sleeping in her crate with very little whining. After about a month she was sleeping almost entirely throughout the night without getting up to go hurry up. She's very obedient--she listens very well and has taken to her training very quickly. We made a little video for you here: https://picasaweb.google.com/ItstheZing/Zelda#5840183006014810018 The only thing that we're still working on is STAY for long periods of time, DROP IT, and LEAVE IT. She's chewing a lot, but I realize that it's inevitable (She lost her first teeth two nights ago).
Zelda and I have each other on a great little routine. We wake up at around 6:15-6:30 and go straight outside to walk for a full hour (I'm noticing that it takes more and more exercise to wear her out for the day). They we both get ready and head to work around 8:30. She stays at work all morning with me--splitting her time between sleeping at my feet and playing with her toys. Around lunch, I bring her home, and she naps in her crate until I'm finished with work. She usually gets a burst of energy before bed, which we've coined "The Zoomies", then she's down for the night around 9-930. Again...she's absolutely great. She's been housebroken for several weeks now with very few accidents (that were probably my fault).
Her favorite things are wrestling with other dogs, getting her belly rubbed, playing with her toys on her back, jumping in the shower while the water is running, and running with a stick in her mouth (I know she's not supposed to do it, but I allow it from time to time.) So far she's been to the mountains with us (Asheville for New Years), to the Beach, to the gun range, and everywhere in between. She's loved it all.
I could go on and on, but for fear of sounding completely like a first-time parent-- I'll stop here. Even though you probably have your hands full with that beautiful new litter, I hope you can check out some of the photos that we've taken of her.
All the best,
Posted February 9, 2013      Miss Scarlett        The Smith Family
Miss Scarlett is looking pretty good for a ten year old springer!  She is doing well and checking in from Virginia!
Posted February 9, 2013  
 Mr. Sunny - The Coltrain Family, Highpoint, NC
 We were inspired by your books on Springer Spaniels this Christmas and purchased one for our children. In 2002 we purchased Carolina Sunflower from you and are happy to report he is still doing great!
We were looking on your website tonight and thought we'd send you an update.

The new liter you recently had is beautiful. We have truly enjoyed every minute with our "Sunny" which is his nickname. He has two human siblings, a boy and girl. Sunny prefers the girl in his older age. And 1 doggy sibling a Scottish terrier who gives him a run for his money.

We wish you the best in 2013 and will continue to visit the goings on with your website.


The Coltrain Family, High Point, NC
Hi gang, 
I'm growing like a weed!! Completely potty trained!!!
School is going real good. I am learning to shake hands, sit, stay, and be gentle around all people.
Dad took me out the other day and we played fetch outside--he shot the gun--didn't bother me a bit. Can't wait to go hunting again.
Dad sent you some pictures of me. I am cutting my big dog teeth--really bothers me, so I rag on everything!! Dad keeps saying he will but me on e-bay if I don't quit ragging on him.
Today dad called Petsafe and had the stay home fence programmed--I don't know what that is, but I don't think I will like it.
Time to go out, potty, & go to bed--I'll try to be good tonight.
The Lindquist Family - New York
Josee loves going for rides and poses like the diva she is!!
Just checking in from St. James down in Southport, NC.
Miss Josee The Bivens Family




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