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                           NEWS at Carolina Kennels......
                    K9 Brianna reporting in.....YUP, those springers are smart! It's about time that gorgeous gal got a job!!  Courtesy of Jody & Barb.  Thanks....
Not to be outdone, K9 Lily Lindquist reports that, no, it is she who has been doing all the reporting all the way from NY. 
But quail hunting is really her passion. 

  OUR LATEST NEWS..................... 

   October 28, 2013:  Time is getting close for the November litter which is expected sometime between Nov 7 and 14th.  Please let us know if you are still interested in a puppy if you have already submitted an application.  Lacey is doing well, eating well and beginning to show a little tummy!  We are getting the whelping box ready.  This is a breeding between Ringo and Lacey....tight breeding to cement our Carolina Kennels genetics.  It is a repeat breeding and should be a nice litter.  We will keep you posted once the whelping has begun and post pictures a few days after whelping.  We will be using the Thanksgiving theme for this litter so feel free to forward any name suggestions you may have.  The first one will be Carolina's Blessing.
The weather is starting to turn cool and the chill is apparent in the mornings.  Just made Gibbs snuggle closer this morning.  Have a safe Halloween.  I am planning to dress up as a springer...just pick up a few and drape them around the next like lions at the circus...grin.  Well, actually will probably stay snug at home and wait on the trick or treaters. 

  September 13, 2013:  It was a good day today at the Pinehurst/Moore County AKC Kennel Club Conformation Show.  Gibbs took BEST of WINNERS for an AKC point towards his AKC Championship (he is already a UKC Champion) and Lauren took BEST of OPPOSITE...a really nice job by Jr Handler AJ Burlingame in showing Gibbs, and well, I was OK with showing Lauren....we had a great time and a fun dog day!!  Without Brooke's grooming, we would not have looked so good!!  Thanks, Brooke!!
That is AJ and Gibbs on the left and me and Lauren on the right.  Gibbs is 13 months old and Lauren is 4 years old.
September 5, 2013:  Ok...it is official.....Lacey is in season so we will be breeding her with Ringo.  Based upon actual breeding date, puppies will be due to be whelped mid November and ready for their forever homes mid January.  We will keep you posted.
September 1, 2013:  Just updated the Just Checking In page with pictures sent to us in the past months...hope you enjoy.  Still packing and hoping for a sale on our house so we can move to more ground for the dogs to run.  We are planning on being at the Pinehurst, Moore County Kennel Club AKC show in September and the Carolina Classic in Hickory...UKC Show the first weekend in October.  If you are in the area, please do stop by....
We are still sitting around and twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next girl to go into season as we prepare for puppies this fall....we have a folder full of applications to notify once the girls decide it is TIME!!
Looking forward to dryer and cooler weather as September begins...it has been a wet and hot summer!  Hope all is well with everyone out there...we think of you all often.
          August 14, 2013: My latest book -  THE ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL PUPPY is all about springer puppies and there are lots of picture of our babies in there...as well as other springers across the nation.   
Hope you enjoy it...take a look at:      www.createspace.com/4259218  . 
It contains lots of tips on raising springers, immunization information, worming, grooming, play activities, agility fun, obedience tips, and lots of other information that came to mind when raising springers....
hope you enjoy. 
 Oh, my gosh...a lot has happened and are currently looking for a new place to move...probably will be near Stedman, NC...just up the road.  I am looking for a place a little nearer to my grandsons...so never fear, we will keep you posted on our house sale and move.  We are planning a litter later this year when one of the girls comes into season next...so stay tuned ....  It has been a hot, hot summer, with too much rain and stormy weather, but the spirits are fresh and the springer kisses are just as sweet.  We said goodbye to a foster girl, little Chloe this past week as she joined her forever family in Durham...what a sweet, sweet little girl.  The rest of the Carolina crew is doing well and looking forward to a dog show in Pinehurst in September.  Hope all is well across the Carolina kingdom....grin.
  May 21, 2013:  It is with a sad heart that I remember my Bailey today...he went to the bridge exactly one year ago today at 14 years of age...it is like missing a piece of my right arm.
But we stayed busy this morning taking Gypsy, Lauren, Dixie and Gibbs to Cary to the Canine Eye Clinic to have their eyes checked by a Vet Opthomologist to be sure we are aware of any eye problems which may crop up.  Once a year the service dogs are offered eye exams by ACVO/Merial during a national campaign which we participate in at least every other year.  We re happy to announce that all four came out with flying colors, testing normal on all counts of eye exams.
We are also saddened to report that last week, May 16, 2013, Cammie went to join Bailey at the Rainbow Bridge after a short battle with heart disease.  Previously undiagnosed until the last day, Miss Cammie was uncomfortable and a decision had to be made to relieve her pain...she was 12 years old.  She was a good girl, and one of the Carolina Heart Gang.  We shall miss you dear Cammie...you were a trooper to the very end.  She was at the vet's for several appointments over several months with symptoms but was not diagnosed with heart issues.  My heart aches today for her....and we are in search of a new vet...nuff'said.
 MAY 16, 2013:   On April 26, 2013  GIBBS TAKES BEST OF SHOW at the UKC Show in VA...woo-hoo....see our home page for picture!!!  He also finished his Championship and took a Group 3 placement in VA on May 11, 2013!!!  The boy is doing quite well!!  It was a very cool Mothers Day Weekend!!
April 1, 2013....and none of this is April Fool's either....  News, news, news:  Hickory, NC....March 29, 30th:  UKC Conformation Show results:
Gibbs earned his first leg toward his UKC Championship (it takes three) going Best of Winners...beating the males and the females in the show!!  Great job Gibbs and Jr. Handler A. J. Burlingame!!  Thanks, A. J.
                         Dixie earned TWO legs toward her UKC Championship....going BEST FEMALE with competition!!  Great job Dixie and Wendy Long who showed her beautifully!!  Thanks Wendy!  Unfortunately Dixie hit the mud puddle before her picture was taken!! Sigh.... Next time....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A. J. Burlingame and Gibbs


     March 20, 2013:   All is well around the Carolina Kennels ...  Gypsy and I just got back from two days at a massive fire scene in South Carolina.  26 apartment buildings were burned to the ground affecting over 200 families.    Not much left but metal and ash.   Here is a little preview...







  February 28, 2013:  Just a quickie update....all the puppies from the Inspiration Litter are reserved...Little Faith could have been placed about ten times but is going to a lovely family in Fayetteville, NC.  All the babies are doing well, eating like champs and I am currently a paper-changing machine!!!  Four to five times a day we are changing kennel papers.  Oh, well, as MacArthur said, "This too will pass."  Yesterday, they got to go outside for the very first time...not on the ground, mind ya, but into the outdoor kennel run with a decking floor.  They were a bit hesitant at first but warmed up to the idea of having twice as much space to run around in quite quickly and leared the way into the dog house very quickly.  Yesterday evening, about 5 pm, I retrieved them all and put them back into their smaller pen inside the kennel building for the evening as it is just too cool at night to stay outside all night.  Well, wouldn't you know it, within 45 seconds of getting into the pen in the kennel, it was paper-changing time again!!!!!!!!!!!  Hee hee...they are definately gonna need some attention in that category in their new mansions.  Everyone is craving attention and already know how to give that pitiful whine when they want you to pick them up...and I am a sucker for it every time!
Everyone goes to new homes this coming weekend ('cept one which will go the following weekend...to Virginia.)  Traveling plans should include one crate, newspapers, bottled water water bowl, paper towels, a leash and collar.  And plan to spend time enough to get a grooming lesson if you need one!  See you all soon....  click here for our latest puppy pictures.  
February 5, 2013:  It seems the new year has kept us quite busy with the Inspiration Litter. 
Carolina's Faith.
Faith, a liver/white female, is still available and is a special dainty little girl.  You see, Faith was born without the ability to bark...as near as we can tell at four weeks.  She just does not have the equipment to bark...which might be a blessing to those who are looking for a quiet, dainty little girl.  If you might be interested in Faith, drop us an application and give me a call.  I am usually available in the early evenings. 
All of the puppies in the Inspiration Litter are doing well...everyone is eating puppy chow well and getting quite social at four weeks old.  Be sure to check out the latest pictures each week.  Hope all is well and all your springers give lots of kisses! 
   December 29, 2012:  As the old year comes to an end and the new year approaches, the new babies are almost all in their new homes.  Matt will be picked up today and Ben on Monday...so Carolina Kennels will start the new year puppyless!  But never fear, as the antics fo the babies are still coming in.  Bailey (Mitt) of the Presidential litter checked in this morning and here is his sweet note:
BAILEY Linquist
    Lauren is getting quite uncomfortable with her belly, expecting to deliver on January 8th,  just a little over a week from now.  Not sure if she is going to last that long...otherwise it will be a HUGE litter.  She is getting a bit of extra attentiion, snuggling on the couch and loving every minute of it.  Can you see that tummy reaching the ground?
The Peebles family in GA checked in and Zeb is doing great.  Mamie (their older CK springer) has accepted little Zeb from the Presidential Litter (Josh) and all is well in Georgia.
  December 13, 2012:  All the babies will be going into their forever homes starting tomorrow and throughout the next couple of weeks.  .  But for now, all is well, we are loving all that puppy breathe and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and and most properous and healthy New Year in 2013!!      

         November 24, 2012:  New Baby Pictures....link:  Click Here                                Dec 2nd pictures at 7 weeks old :    Click Here



November 15, 2012:  Presidential Litter Update:  The babies are eating regular puppy chow now... Purina Pro, softened a bit and they chomp down like pros!!  Everyone is walking around, starting to play with toys (and each other as they tug on tails and ears and such).  Lacey is not a happy camper being away from the babies at the moment just visiting several times a day.  Last night was her first night away from them all night and that lasted till about 4:30 am with me in my nightgown trekking out to the kennel to take momma to see her puppies.  She is a good momma!!  Health is great on everyone and they are walking around like each is his own special King and Queen.  Tagg was reserved today so that only leaves one puppy available...black/white Matt (who is a pretty handsome fella).  Will try to get pictures up by the weekend...heading to the doctor in a few for some minor pain....
A couple of families have been able to visit their baby and I just love these picturesof Nancy and Dr. John bonding with Ben.  These are springer people!!!  and the babies at their first meal...thank you to John and Nancy for forwarding us these photos...

      (and the final one of me and Gibbs who is getting just a tad too big to be carried around like a little one anymore!!)
Puppy kisses to all...

    October 26, 2012:  THE CASE OF THE MISSING CHICKEN................ 


Ok here is the deal....  I know to put away all food and not leave anything on the counter.  No, you can't leave bread....and you can't leave bananas either....cuz sometimes she even eats the peelings.  This is the story of the momma with the iron stomach!!  Now for today....

How many pieces of raw chicken do YOU think ONE springer can eat at one time?   The package said 12 pieces...three large breasts, and the rest assorted drumsticks, thighs, etc.  I had planned a nice chicken and noodle soup.  Seemed like a good meal to prepare since the weekend will hold lots of rain and wind from the hurricane Sandy as it passes by North Carolina.  

I am off to the nearest town, about 20 miles away, to pick up 50 more pounds of rye seed as I am still trying to establish a yard in my new home.  The puppies are in the kitchen/dining area, in the whelping box, nice and cozy.  All food is off the counters and put away (experience here...this is the counter surfing momma that can't be trusted to behave herself when I am not around and food IS. 

It's not like she doesn't always have plenty of food and treats to boot.  But I guess that appetite is getting spoiled with treats and Greek Yogurt every day.

Anyway, off to get the rye seed while leaving the chicken in a deep sink to defrost.  That soup is gonna be yummy! 

Left the counter surfer, Lacey, in the outdoor pen while I ran to do the errands and as soon as I was back home, she was back into the kitchen with the babies while I spread out that rye before the rain starts.  She is all snuck in the whelping box with eight puppies softly nursing and I head outside.

Feeling real smart and getting my rye seed out before the rain starts, I headed inside the house to get the chicken started.  You think you know what is coming, don't ya????

Well, you are partially right....one piece of chicken on the floor by the kitchen sink area and an empty package staring me in the face.  Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not all twelve pieces!!!!!!!!!!!

I put Lacey in a crate, and headed for the bucket and mop to get everything cleaned up...which wasn't much to see...just an empty package, one piece of chicken, and some gooey remains on the floor.

Ok, that wasn't too bad...kitchen is mopped, Lacey doesn't seem too much different for the experience and as long as I had the bucket out, figured I would go ahead and mop the adjoining room...the living room.

Geez, Lacey, what were you thinking....there is another piece of chicken on my beautiful decorative $35 pillow from Pier One and another leg on the counch arm.  Ok, now have to clean the couch, but feeling better about her not eating 11 pieces of chicken...we are now down to 9 pieces.  And why is my new Pier One napkin lying on the floor...surely not, Lacey...

Found two more pieces of chicken under another pillow, and three more in between the blankets sitting beside the whelping box which usually cushions the babies. 

Ok we are now down to four pieces missing....and it seems, at this count, that that must have been about all the one little girl could hold at one time....FINAL COUNT is FOUR....or until I end up finding any more hiding places in the living room....Can ya just see her carrying chicken all over the house looking for a good place to stash them, one piece at a time....and then covering them up with my decorative pillows!!!!!

Moral of the story:  Don't leave raw chicken (or any other food for that matter) in the kitchen sink---no matter how deep it is AND YA JUST CAN'T TRUST A COUNTER SURFER NO MATTER HOW INNOCENT SHE LOOKS!!!

All is well with the babies...no eyes are open yet, but they are eating like champs!!  Tails have been docked, dewclaws removed and the vocal chords are quite healthy!!  New pictures are posted at nine days old... click here:  Nine Days Old.  
 Lacey and Beau are the proud parents of EIGHT babies born this morning...Sunday, October 14, 2012!  We are taking reservations at this time....see the puppy page!  Black/white and liver/white....The Presidential LITTER~~!!


Carolina Kennels welcomes "GIBBS".... Alltime's Carolina NCIS to the gang! Gibbs is joining the Search and Rescue Crew here at CK and will also be shown in conformation when he is a bit bigger.... a HUGE THANK YOU to Alltime Springers, Carol Hamilton, and Ashwyn Springers, Jacquie Dean, for allowing us to welcome Gibbs to our home. He is a great little guy and we look forward to many happy hearts and days training and loving him! He is from Baxter and Tyra! Click here for more on Gibbs....

SHOW TIME FOR LAUREN!!                                                     
Lauren does it again!!!! BIG SHOW News....Lauren did well!!!!!!!!! September of 2012 was a good month for Lauren in AKC Conformation Shows.... At Pinehurst, Moore County Show, NC...Lauren placed GROUP THREE IN THE BRED BY Exhibitor competition! We are sooooooo proud of Lauren! This was with competition!!! YEAH Lauren!! Pictures from the ring to come....
And Again the following weekend in Chesapeake, VA, Lauren earned a Best of Breed Placement with competition!! YEAH..............we are very very proud of this little girl who is also a search and rescue dog and has a temperament of gold~!

Yes, Dixie is staying at Carolina Kennels....the little tiny black and white one from the spring litter has fought her way into life and our hearts.
Dixie is staying with us!! We welcome Carolina's Dixie Lee to the CK gang! Click here for more on Dixie....

                                                          BIG NEWS: LAUREN BECOMES A Professional MODEL!!!!      
Lauren just had a photo shoot for an ad campaign for a major retailer...will have to wait to release the actual companies!!....the production had Lauren posing with some of a new gorgeous furniture line . We are just thrilled to announce how unbelievably exciting this adventure was....The ad campaign is out now...watch for furniture flyers in your local papers....... and a little springer from Carolina Kennels posing amidst some gorgeous furniture! Here is Lauren outside of the 1899 Colonial home where the shoot was held recently (April 3, 2012) while the crews prepare the sets inside.
Below: ..Mr. Richard stops to bond with Lauren. Right: Ms. Sloan Dodson, Production Manager for Widner Creative, gives Lauren a rub down in between shooting. Everyone loved Lauren....and she was the perfect lady giving lots of loving to the entire crew of Widner Creative Team and the advertising campaign companies.....check back later this summer for more detailed information!!!

Left: Lily and Rebel Linquist dropped by to say hello to all the Carolina Kennels Gang online.......
looking good you two gorgeous springers in New York!! Nice pose!
   OCTOBER 1, 2012:  SIX MONTHS OLD:  Josee checked in today to let us know how well she is doing and her folks,
  the Bivens, grinned as they recanted that "they had forgotten how energetic a springer puppy can be!"  Great pose, Josee...in Southport, NC. 
 Josee Bivens

August 3, 2012: It is with a heavy heart that we report that Dexter has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Dexter was 12 years old and called Kenney, NY his home. He was an awesome dog and will be sorely missed by his owners, Bruce and Sandy Lindquist. Dexter earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and often visited local nursing homes.
Dexter was a protector for his mom, Sandy, in the later stages of her dimentia keeping her safe and not allowing her to go upstairs or leave the house without Dad's permission. He was also a good housekeeper....removing the logs dutifully that Dad had so laboriously carried down to the basement on a cool fall afternoon....itwas a chore to get those fire logs carried in with Dex continually carrying them back out....grin.
Dexter will be missed and was much loved. He is with his dad, Bailey and mom, Scully now.
Rest peacefully, dear Dex. 

February 2012: Although remiss in not posting this in a timely manner...it is just too cute not to post!!  
Good job, dear Jasper! 
You are a gorgeous boy!! 
Loved by Kathleen Jasnoch.

  Bailey crossed the bridge today....May 21, 2012

I had to say goodbye to a part of my heart today. Bailey crossed the bridge at about 10:30 am this morning at the age of 14 years and 10 days.
I cannot talk now, so please no calls..... The tears are too great now..but.he is at peace with Denali, Scully, Missy, Tucker, Jessie, and the other great SAR dogs at the edge of the Rainbow waiting for me to arrive.
A huge hole is in my chest...and the tears will not stop just yet...but I know there are others who have felt this same emptiness.
Bailey was the founding SAR dog for the Brunswick Search and Rescue team (along with Denali handled by Bert Lark). His resume included:

SAR training began in 1998 and he was certified in Wilderness Air Scent, Human Remains Detection – both on land and in water, and as a First Responder dog who responded to tornadoes and hurricanes.

He found missing people literally from the mountains to the coast and is classified was a state resource by the NC Department of Emergency Management and the NC Department of Cultural Resources.In 2011 he received a United States Congressional Recognition for his many years of service in SAR.

First SAR dog in North Carolina to be transported to a search in a Civil Air Patrol plane.

Bailey helped to pioneer the art of historic remains detection by locating graves over 200 years old, several slave cemeteries, and colonial plantations.He was always ready to respond to callouts on a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Bailey was featured in Dog World Magazine, The Wilmington Star News, Brunswick Beacon, State Port Pilot, Civil Air Patrol Volunteer Magazine, Sasee Magazine, South Brunswick Magazine and Carolina Magazine.He has also been featured in newspapers across the nation after a search photograph was taken by the Associated Press in Bladen County at the tornado debris.(From Texas to California).He was profiled as the SAR Springer for the Popular Dog Series on English Springer Spaniels in Volume 41, from the Editors of Dog Fancy Magazine.

He participated in over 150 searches during his career at the request of Sheriff and police departments, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, US Marshals, State Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the NC Department of Cultural Resources.

Notable finds of his include:

Runaway teenager who had a bad report card, in 2000,

Caitlynn, two years old in Ahoskie, NC in July of 2001,

Drowning victim at Lake Waccamaw.

Slave Graves in Brunswick County.

Human Remains in Columbus County of a murder victim deceased three years.

Multiple Suicide victims,

Suicide attempts,

Alzheimer’s patients who have wondered away from home or nursing homes,including one 96-years old lady who was most grateful to have him licking her toes as we tended to her wounds,

Drowned victims in ponds, lakes and rivers,

Plantation Grave sites in multiple cemeteries across North and South Carolina.

Mass Grave of the victims of the USS Huron, Civil War blockade runner which went down off the coast of Kill Devil Hills, NC.

He worked searches in snow, ice, 100-plus temperatures, daytime, nighttime, in several tornado disasters, woods, urban, cemetery and cleared areas, in wind, rain and sunshine.It never mattered to Bailey…he worked regardless of the circumstances including one exceptional search where he had icicles hanging down from his fur…he never stopped until he had his man.Never a whimper, always on task.A valued member of the North Carolina search and rescue community.

Bailey, my friend, my heart, rest peacefully now as there is no more circling and no more pain. I will see you again someday and hold you in my arms....until then take care of the others at the bridge and keep all the puppies safe. My heart will remember you always,

Sir Bailey of Judah: May 11, 1998 to May 21, 2012

Christy Judah. M. Ed.
Carolina Kennels - www.carolinakennelsnc.com
Coastal Books - www.christyjudah.com
Brunswick Search and Rescue , NC


 May 14, 2012:  The babies are getting big...and ready for their new homes this weekend at eight weeks old.    Everyone got their first puppy immunization today and was brave!  While we were at it, all received another dose of Nemex, puppy wormer.  On Friday everyone will get their traveling bath day and beginnings of their first haircut....so spa day is around the corner.  there is no keeping those eight calm, so on Saturday when half of the litter is being picked up, please wear comfortable shoes (closed toes as they do like to nip at toes), jeans and bring an extra towel.  See you on Saturday.  Only one liver boy, Skylar, remains available at this time.   Puppy kisses to all....
 May 7, 2012:  The latest and greatest pictures of our Spring Litter are up now...click here for those...  Seems one of the puppies is going to be a new variety of springers...a teacup little girl...we are watching her growth and she is small is size but big in personality!!  All is well on the homestead here with two and four legged kids!  We are grateful for all of our blessings!  And a HUGE thank you to Suzanne and Rick, and Bert and Marcia for a great weekend visit!!  We had a blast with all our springers, our puppies and Ollie and Sadie visiting!!    (ok there were three cats in the camper also but they didn't quite get involved in the mix!!.)  We are settling down in the new kennels here in Autryville but still moving things around as we decide where the best locations are for everyone's new home!  Do a good deed for someone else today!

MARCH 27, 2012:  A lot has happened in a short period of time...last Saturday we had a flash flood here at  Carolina Kennels and the homeplace.  The kennel building, all kennels and about an acre of our property was under about four foot of water.  Within a short period of time, water rose and just accumulated here from practically every direction.  All dogs are safe...the babies were in the house and our chores have been endless since then.  All kennels are being relocated to other parts of the property and totally rebuilt, one piece at a time.  I tell you this to tell you this...hopefully in the next week, I will have updated pictures of all the babies, face and body shots, and do a better job of posting their pictures and keeping you up to date on their progress!!  I promise....Need a few more days to get back into getting all the kennels relocated and situated and feeling like I am a normal human being again.   You know I have withstood 25 years of hurricanes at the beach and never seen as much water as was in my yard this past weekend.  I have now been through hurricanes, earthquakes, tornado, fire, and flooding.  I was thinking the only think left was a volcanco!!  Knock on wood....thankful that the house was not breeched and no one was hurt. 

MARCH 23, 2012:  All is well with the babies and they are gorgeous!!  So soft, just like velvet!
      Sydney dropped by to say hello to everyone and shows ya that a springer and a rabbit can co-exist in the same household with the Smith Family in Leland....I just don't believe it!  Wouldn't leave them alone for a skinny minute....grin.  What a good girl!
Ellie sent us this great shot!!  Now that is a springer airborne, ears flying and the perfect gait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  MARCH 20 2012:  The babies had their tails docked today and dewclaws removed.  All are resting comfortably back at home and momma is nursing!!  A beautiful sunshine day!

  MARCH  18, 2012---Puppies have arrived!!!  Eight gorgeous babies....two black/white girls, three liver/white boys, three liver/white girls.  We are accepting applications but have several already reserved.  All is going well and this is the first litter born in Autryville!  Ahhh, that puppy breathe! 
  FEBRUARY 2012---- The move is complete and we are now residing in Autryville, North Carolina...about 20 miles outside of Fayetteville, NC and jsut a mere 9 miles from the three grandsons!!  WE are almost settled in, new kennels and runs are built and the canine family is getting used to visiting chickens each day.  The first few weeks were quite interesting having the Rhode Island Reds come to visit and find out exactly what these new neighbors were all about.  Of course the bird dogs went crazy..."let me at em, let me at em", but alas after a few weeks, they are getting used to those daily visitors and all except Cammie are just yawning and saying hello, then ignoring them. 
There is a possible litter on the way and we will provide more information when we are sure...perhaps....we shall see.
Hope everyone is well and we hope to hear from our friends at our new email address with lots of updated pictures...    Christy and the gang.

      JANUARY 6, 2012 --- The New Year is upon us and we are sad to know that we have lost Lance, the main man at the Bivens household in Southport, NC. 
Lance was born in 2001 and was the pride and joy of the Bivins.  He will be much missed.  He is at the Rainbow Bridge with my Missy and Tucker, his grandparents.

                   WE ARE MOVING.....closer to the grandsons!
  NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011 ---  This will be a big move for us about the middle of December.  WE are moving to the Autryville, North Carolina area to be nearer the grandsons...and, yes, all the ESS will be coming with us!!! 
Gypsy & Lauren are still working search and rescue, Bailey has retired to the couch, and Cammie & Lacey are still supervising the yard...especially with Cammie, the talker letting me know when every bird, squirrel or deer passes by.  Actually had a few nights last week with a confrontation with local oppossums (did I spell that correctly?) and Lacey and Cammie sure let me know something was amiss at 4 am. 
So the five critters will go with us to a new kennel environment as we set up a new home.  Note our new email address above till I can get internet connected.   Anyone have any experiences with the new Magic Jack Plus?  Have been researching that a little. 
All is well here...Gypsy, Lauren, Bailey, Lacey and Cammie all snuggling and enjoying being "the only ones" with the puppies all gone.  Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas Season.  Will be incognito for the middle part of December during the move, so check back in late December or early January for any updates. 
              Love, the Carolina Kennels Crew.

      NOVEMBER 2011 ---    Radar and Gator checked in from Minnesota and the Jasnoch family.  Seems the Storm litter has settled in quite comfortably in the cool  weather!! 

 The Rainbow Bridge Announcements:

      NOVEMBER  7, 2011 ---    Allie, dear, you will be missed by your family, the Bolstons.  Allie was welcomed to the Rainbow Bridge recently and is with her sire and dam, Missy and Tucker.   How our hearts can hold so many memories and smiles is beyond belief.  Run free,  with Rhett, dear Allie.  Allie was 14 and 1/2 yrs old.  Allie is shown to the left.

      OCTOBER 26, 2011 -----  It is with sadness that we share the passing of Rhett, beloved ESS of Ron and Patty Smith...Rhett died of bloat but
  he sure left a huge hole inthe heart of the Smith Family.  We grieve with you Patty and Ron...and know that he is with the other
  Carolina Kennels springers who have gone beyond the Rainbow Bridge and await our arrival.

  OCTOBER 2011 -----  We have a ton of news this month....the Storm Litter is all spoken for...and everyone has been checking in and it seems this litter has assimilated into their new homes at lightning speed.  WE ARE GOING TO BE MOVING....but will post our new address and contact number after we actually move.... to the Stedman, NC area to be nearer my grandsons!!  Check back for new email, etc.  when it is finalized in the next few months.  Remember BEAU finished his championship two weeks ago at the UKC Show in Hickory, NC and Lauren finished earlier this year....a red letter year for us here at Carolina Kennels with two home-bred champions!!!  YEAH!!!!!
Lots of folks checking in this week....our hunting squad from New York and the twins from Fayetteville and Chapel Hill.   Hope you enjoy the photos...
                                                                                    Craig L. with Lily and Rebel, NEW YORK             John L. with Bailey & Colonel, Fayetteville & Chapel Hill, NC    Wendy L. Christy J. & U. Champion Carolina's Bow Tie, aka "Beau"



    SEPTEMBER 2011:  David and Sally lost Tessa to an emergency illness this month at the age of nine.  Our hearts are with you.  She was a beautiful and wonderful Carolina puppy.
  AUGUEST 22, 2011:  Had a wonderful week training with the Lead trainer of the International Rescue Organization (one of the most elite international teams in existence) from Austria this past week.  Gypsy worked the rubble and precision obedience, dexterity and agility in Virginia with other national handlers.  What a great experience.


     JANUARY 22, 2011:  We are starting the year out with a bang with Bailey's retirement from SAR.  He has faithfully put in over 12 years as a search and rescue dog and retired with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the U. S. Congressman Mike McIntyre.  Wow, what a career.  Gypsy and Lauren will take over in his pawprints.  To see more, go to his individual web page

                              Majic Vagabond Heart - "Gypsy"                           
     U. Champion Gypsy Lee  
  "Carolina's Lacey"
                                                           U. Champion Carolina's Legacy of Bailey


Carolina's Wedding Rings - "Ringo"

        U. Champion Carolina's Bow Tie
Carolina's Cammie
Carolina's Kaitlynn
Carolina's Dixie Lee
All-time's Carolina NCIS
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