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Home            Presidential Litter 10.23.12 - 9 Days Old

The Presidential Litter are all doing quite
well....everyone has found justice in the
milking machine and gaining weight as
they should.  Our eyes aren't open quite
yet...just a few more days.
Carolina's Matt, BW Male 

We aren't quite sure which one is
the cutest!!
Carolina's Ben, BW Male 
Reserved:  Lucas Family
Some of us can be quite vocal when we
are ready for our dinner.  No need for the
baby monitor to be hooked up this time!
Carolina's Josh, BW Male 
Reserved:  Peebles Family

Carolina's Tagg, LW Male 

Carolina's Annie, LW Female 
Reserved:  Luoni Family

Carolina's Mitt, aka Bailey 
Reserved:  Linquist Family

Carolina's Laurie 
Reserved:  Benzing Family

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Carolina's Sarah 
Reserved:  Place Family

                              Majic Vagabond Heart - "Gypsy"                           
     U. Champion Gypsy Lee  
  "Carolina's Lacey"
                                                           U. Champion Carolina's Legacy of Bailey


Carolina's Wedding Rings - "Ringo"

        U. Champion Carolina's Bow Tie
Carolina's Cammie
Carolina's Kaitlynn
Carolina's Dixie Lee
All-time's Carolina NCIS
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