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Home            Presidential Litter Nov. 24, 2012
The babies are all doing very well and eating more than anyone would even suspect!!!  Wow, what eaters!  Playing and getting a bit social this week and loving to be held in the crook of your neck...sorry, can't help but spoil them!  Trying to get pictures are an exercise in patience as they can move!!!
                                                              Annie                                                                                                  Annie                                       Bailey / Mitt                                                        Ben
                                                Ben                                                                                                           Josh                                                                                                 Josh
                                                      Laurie                                                                         Matt                                                                             Sarah                                                                                 Tagg                  



Hope you enjoy our photo session  from today....those sweet faces!!!  Springer hugs,


                              Majic Vagabond Heart - "Gypsy"                           
     U. Champion Gypsy Lee  
  "Carolina's Lacey"
                                                           U. Champion Carolina's Legacy of Bailey


Carolina's Wedding Rings - "Ringo"

        U. Champion Carolina's Bow Tie
Carolina's Cammie
Carolina's Kaitlynn
Carolina's Dixie Lee
All-time's Carolina NCIS
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