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                English Springer Spaniel Puppies at Carolina Kennels    
Yes, we occasionally offer quality puppies to approved homes only.
We believe in temperament first, health testing, and planned parenthood. 

Planned Parenthood:

We do not currently have any puppies available. 
We are planning a litter later in 2013 and are accepting applications (but not deposits) on that planned litter.
We will be mating Lacey and Ringo...and expect the litter to be born mid November. 
That means they will go to their forever homes about mid-January. 
There will most likely be some liver/white and some black/white.  
Mark your calendars for puppy pictures about mid November near Nov 7-10th.
Once the babies are whelped, we will accept deposits on specific puppies. 
Check back for more information later....
Carolina's Lacey and Carolina's Wedding Rings, aka "Ringo" 
We require an application and a purchase agreement, so please read these carefully. Click on the links below...
For more puppy tips, order The English Springer Spaniel Puppy written by Christy Judah. 

Feel free to send ask any questions you may have - read on for some pertinent information about our practices.
Planned Parenthood
We plan our puppies and usually have a waiting list for future puppies. 
We do not always have puppies and consider health the number one priority in breeding decisions.

Active Springers
Springer puppies are a handful so not a good choice for the family looking for the quiet lap dog.  They require lots of exercise and are a loving family requiring stimulation and fun activities.  Of all dogs tested, over 187 of them, springers ranked 13th in intelligence so you must stay a step ahead of a springer...plan to obedience train and challenge their little brains with training and sporting activities.

Applications are Required - For Approved Homes Only
We do not sell to puppy brokers or pet shops so don't even       ask! 
We require an application and our puppies go to approved homes only.  We also have a purchase agreement.  Read carefully.
We do not accept deposits until after a litter is whelped.
Healthy Puppies
   We have DNA tested all of our springers to plan our breedings considering PRA...progressive retinol atrophy which is old age blindness in springers.  A test was developed by the University of Missouri and we participated in those screenings prior to planning a breeding.  We have dams and some sires which are PRA clear, which means that we will not likely produce a puppy which will grow up to have PRA...what a nice thing to know in advance!! 
   In addition, we CERF (eye exams) our parents and screen for hip dysplasia.  Health is a priority.
Springer Activities
     We participate in many types of dog activites and you should too!  It is fun for both of you! 
      Consider dog shows, agility, obedience, rally, frisbee, swimming (dock diving), hunting, or a variety of activities even if it is homemade agility equipment made from PVC pipes in the backyard!  You will both be healthier and happier for it.
Breeding with our Springers...
From time to time we receive requests to breed with one of our girls or boys. 
If you have questions regarding breeding with one of our springers, please contact us directly.  We will always ask you about your health testing results before making a decision.  We will ask about your plans for placing puppies and your experience in whelping.  We desire to only produce healthy puppies so please don't be offended when we ask about your PRA or hip dysplasia testing results. We will request pedigrees and take a look at your dog very closely....then decide.  If this is too much trouble....please don't ask. 
 Keeping in Touch...
We are here for the life of the dog and provide all AKC papers at the time of transfer. 
We will advise on immunizations and other relevant issues...and are just a phone call away.  Please keep us posted with pictures from time to time and just let us know how you are doing! 
Thanks for visiting with us...May God Bless and Keep you Safe and Healthy!

                              Majic Vagabond Heart - "Gypsy"                           
     U. Champion Gypsy Lee  
  "Carolina's Lacey"
                                                           U. Champion Carolina's Legacy of Bailey


Carolina's Wedding Rings - "Ringo"

        U. Champion Carolina's Bow Tie
Carolina's Cammie
Carolina's Kaitlynn
Carolina's Dixie Lee
All-time's Carolina NCIS
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