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Toxic Plants

There are some plants which are toxic to dogs and should be avoided.  Although some are only toxic through the leaves, others are toxic with bark, pits, berries or flowers.  This is not a comprehensive list, but some of the more common plants.  Personally I try to avoid using any of these plants in dog friendly areas.  Be sure to check your landscaping and plan accordingly.   I am not a botanist, so this is a compilation of some lists from various sources and I cannot be held accountable (as per this caveat) for any errors in this list.  It is solely intended to help the pet owner research further to determine whether or not they wish to use any of these plants or allow pets to be around any of these plants....and for sure to recognize possible poisoning situations....

Apenrose   (Rhododendron flowers and leaves)              American Mistletoe (the berries)           Apricot  (the pit)                Azalea (all parts)         Bitter Almond (bark, laes)                Black Locust                               Black Nightshade             Bluebonnets        Bog billberry                    Boxwood                 Buttercup                    Caladium                   Elephants Ear                     Castor Bean                      Cherry Laurel                         Chinaberry                       Chinese Evergreen                  Chinese Primrose                      Chinese Wisteria               Christmas Cherry                Blimbing Lily                   Croton                Cycad                  Cyclamen              Daffadil               Dieffenbachia or Mother-in-law plant                 Firethorn                Foxglove              Glory Lily                 Potted Ivy                Morning Glory                    Holly                Hydrangea                           Ivy               Japanese Wisteria               Jassamines        JimsonWeed            Moon Trumpet                  Lantana              Larkspur                  Lily of the Valley             Oleander               Peach                Plum            Poinsettia                 Poppy                Potato (green growth and sprouts)        Purple Flag Iris               Pyacantha             Rhododendron            Rhubarb leaves           Splitleaf Philodendrom            Spurge Laurel             Star of Bethlehem           Sweet Pea             Sweetheart vine                 Tobacco leaves                Tulip bulbs                 Wild Rosemary leaves            Wood Laurel                Yellow Iris bulbs               Yellow Jessamine berries and roots         Yew              Youpon Holly berries
In addition, there are:
Anemone            Angel's Trumpet                 Amarhyllis               Arrowgrass           Asparagus Fern                Avocado             Balsam                Balsam Pear                  Baneberry                   Bird of Paradise                 Bittersweet                Black-eyed Susan              Bleeding Heart          Bloodroot           Bracken Fern              Buckeye           Burning Bush             Cactus             Calla Lily            Cherry           Chrysanthemum                Coriaria           Cornflower            Cowbane              Creeping Charlie           Crown of Thorns             Daphne              Delphinium            Dologeton                Dumb Cane                       Duthman's Breeches               Eggplant               Elderberry               Emerald Duke              English Holly              Flax                Four O'Clock                Golden Glow                Bolden Chain Tree            Greasewood           Growndsell            Hellebore                Hemlock              Honeysuckle              Horse Chestnut                  Horsetail                Hyacinth          Indian Poke            Iris             Jack in the Pulpit             Japanese Plum              Java Beans             Jimson Weed            Jonquil            Laburnum        Laurel               Lily               Lobelia            Locoweed            Lupine         Marble Queen           Marijuana           Mayapple                  Mescal Bean                 Marsh Marigold            Mock Orange                  Monkey Pod            Moonseed                  Mountain Laurel             Mushrooms                  Narcissus                    Nightshade                    Nutmeg                    Nux Vomica                  Oak (leaves and acorns)                  Onions                  Pathos                 Pear              Peyote                 Peony             Periwinkle                Pigweed                    Pimpernal                 Poison Ivy                   Poison Oak                 Pokeweed                     Privet           Ragword            Rain Tree                 Red Princess              Rhubarb               
Rosary Pea                Scotch Broom         Skunk Cabbage             Sneezeweed                Snowdrop            Soapberry                    Sour Dock (Sorrel)              Spinach              Spindletree Seeds                  Sprangeri Fern            Tansy           timber Milk Vetch                Tomato                 Trillium              Umbrella Plant             Virginia Creeper               Yew    



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